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Interviewees needed

If you are in the medical professions, legal professions, and even the security forces, where you have encountered the death of a person that is under your charge. How did you feel and how did you cope? That is the basis of my research, and hence the book I am writing.

Apart from adding to the scholarship of death, my book will also touch on the use of Mindfulness, Mindsets (Carol S. Dweck) and MindSights to help one to elevate from the situation faster.

Grief is a must-have process in such a situation; the game-plan is how to shorten the period of mourning?

Do email to if you are keen to participate in this research. An autographed copy of the book will be sent to you once it is published.

Thanks, and you can also recommend your friends or colleagues who are nurses, medical social workers, doctors, judges, prosecutors, executioners, etc.