About the Book

What triggered me to write this book is a story by a junior doctor, “Gen Y Speaks: A letter to a patient I will never forget.”

I am writing this book, together with another on “Smart Education”. What prompted me to start this because I hope and wish that it will help someone one day to come on terms with their struggle in seeing or feeling the death of those upon their charges.

…and I based all from my readings:

I am neither a writer (before), a pychristrist, nor am I a psychologist. In the midst of my new courses in personal motivation, I sense that a lot of them can be combined and re-purposed to help people to take control back of their lives.

I have taken on this unusual journey to writing on a subject that I am not a professional. I hope my perspective can open windows for people to see things from another angle.

You can download a preview of the introduction chapter which is a work-in-progress through the Expression of Interest form.